We are not an agency. We are partners. We are not doers. We think, do, and connect dots with impact in mind.

We are not yes-men. We challenge and take risks in healthy ways to achieve the best outcomes.

Not vendors.
We are your co-founding team.

Not a factory.
We focus full-time on each startup.
Not hands-off investors.
We are hands-on operators.

Give yourself a head start in business.

Electric8 Studio is a startup studio with a focus on B2B ideas. We equip you with years of acquired experience, expertise, networks and capital to take your idea to market and raise your first round.

Get surrounded with people who have built , scaled, and sold multiple companies across the world.

Newest addition in the Studio

A digital business advisor for D2C brands.

Why found a company with Electric8 Studio?

Spend your first year building, not hiring

From day 1, we provide you with a full time team equipped with hard-to-hire skills across product, growth, design, research, data and engineering. You don't need to spend 6-12 months hiring for it.

Enough funding to skip to your first large round

We provide you with the funding to focus on building traction and demonstrable evidence. This will allow you to raise a large Seed round ($1-2MM+) because you would actually know what to do with that money. No demo days, no chasing tons of investors for small cheques.

Full time attention and expertise

You're not getting 2-3 hours of mentorship per week as well as access to some online talks. You get a full-time co-founding team of experienced operators that are trying to figure out how to build the right product, the right business model and the right channels to acquire users.

Increase your chance of success

The startup game is about probabilities. Did we mention that we specialise in the tricky product-market fit stages? Our methodology, past experience and failures will only increase your chances of success.

Solid foundations for the long run

We're all about building a culture which powers everything we do. Your company will get exposed to the right culture, tools, and product-led ways of working right from the start.

With you through each early step.

We act like a full-time co-founder and remain hands-on until the business is ready to operate independently. We get deeply involved in these 4 key initial stages:



A problem worth solving with a solution roughly defined.

Skills we bring

  • User research
  • Business case creation
  • Value proposition design



A solution that can be built, will be used, and can scale.

Skills we bring

  • Solution prototyping & testing
  • Minimum viable product design
  • Acquisition channel testing

Go to Market


A product proven to attract, convert, and retain users.

Skills we bring

  • MVP launch
  • Product iteration
  • Acquisition & retention

First Large Round


A company which receives a first large institutional round of fundraising.

Skills we bring

  • Fundraising & access to investors
  • PR & story telling
  • Recruiting

Still figuring out your idea?

Become a Founder in Residence in one of our Services career tracks until you are ready for your next step.

Questions you may have

What’s the Studio journey like and how long does it take?

Each company has its own unique journey and path. However, we tend to go through the stages mentioned previously above: defining the solution and backing it with user research, and business modeling; validating a solution by taking it from what users say they’ll do to what they’ll actually do and pay for; and launching and getting the MVP to market, acquiring customers by testing distribution channels and iterating until the point of retention and traction.

Plus or minus, this journey takes about a year from start to finish.

How do you increase the probability of success?

We increase the probability of success of a startup by:
- validating user behaviour, solutions and tactics quickly and early through test-and-learn experiments;
- employing learnings from over 5 years of working on the Services side with the fastest growing startups in Southeast Asia; 
- drawing from our past experience and scars building, scaling and exiting companies
- providing a full-time team that’s been through the trenches together already; and
- living a self-aware culture that’s focused on getting it right; not “being right”.

What’s the typical team you provide?

The typical team we provide depends on which stage of company building we’re in but you can expect us to provide you with full-time Product Managers, Growth Product Managers, Researcher, Product Designers, Data Scientists and Engineers through the course of the journey. 

We use our recruiting resources to also help you hire all kinds of full-time team members who will stay on with the company as it becomes a fully independent business out of the Studio.

How are you different from incubators?

Incubators invest in dozens of startups every quarter; we focus on one at a time. Incubators provide part-time mentors who are advising dozens of companies; we give you a full-time team solely focused on your startup. Incubators are hands-off advisors; we are full-time operators and practitioners. 

To be clear, we don’t think incubators are bad at all. They are just different. If you know what you’re doing and just want access to investors, then incubators may actually be better for you.

How much funding do you invest in each startup?

We tend to set aside $500K to $1 million to invest in each startup that will successfully go through the different stages previously mentioned. 

What are the mechanics? How much equity do you take?

Electric8 Studio receives a 15% stake in the company for being another “co-founder” at inception. We then fund the company until its first, multi-million seed round of financing. The amount we have invested throughout the journey gets put into a SAFE document and converts in this round. 

After this round of funding, the bottom line is that founders come out owning the majority of their company and have gone further in the evolution of their company had they just raised some money from smaller investors or an incubator from day one.  

Then, as the company grows and needs to raise money, the founders and the Electric8 Studio get equally diluted by new investors.

We take a seat on the board of directors and continue supporting the company.

Keen to build with Electric8 Studio?

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