We are not an agency. We are partners. We are not doers. We think, do, and connect dots with impact in mind.

We are not yes-men. We challenge and take risks in healthy ways to achieve the best outcomes.

Not an agency.
We challenge and improve your existing strategy.

Not consultants with a deck.
We roll up our sleeves & get our hands dirty with you.
Not predators.
We win when you do.

We help companies find and scale product-market fit

Electric8 works with you to achieve product-market fit. Whether you're looking to nail traction, test a new idea in market, or have specific goals to unlock your next round of funding, our product and growth teams work with you to get there.

Trusted by 50+ companies worldwide. Many have raised millions in funding after working with us.

The 3 types of product-market fit work we do

Whether defining a problem, validating a solution, or going to market, our versatile team of experts can help.


OUtcomes we unlock

Define a problem and white space worth solving with a solution defined.

Skills we bring

  • User research
  • Business case creation
  • Value proposition design


OUtcomes we unlock

Validate a solution in market that can be built, will be used, and can scale.

Skills we bring

  • Solution prototyping & testing
  • Minimum viable product design
  • Acquisition channel testing

Go to Market

OUtcomes we unlock

Go-to-market with a product proven to attract, convert, and retain users.

Skills we bring

  • MVP launch
  • Product iteration
  • Acquisition & retention strategy

You won't find another team out there that's like us

Startup founders and operators

Not consultants. We've built, scaled and sold companies before. We're entrepreneurs like you who can zoom in and out to be the extra pair of hands (and minds) you need to take your business forward.

Diverse, hard-to-hire skills

Hiring great, cross-functional teams take anywhere from 6-12 months. Our team is ready to go. And can help you hire your own A-star team.

De-risk failure with validation

We do validation work exceptionally well. We help teams design minimum viable tests using no/low-code ways to quickly learn how users will use and pay for your product.

Work ourselves out of the job

We're here to bring you maximum impact by setting you up for long-term success through ways of working, tooling and a sustainable data setup.  We can also help hire or mentor our full-time successors.

Questions you might ask

What does a typical team look like?

A team is typically 3 to 4 people depending on the situation. It can sometimes be more depending on your needs.

An example of a team working on a "Validate" project could be a UX Researcher, a Product Manager, a Designer working full-time with you - supported by another E8 senior team member on a part-time basis.

Do you provide engineers as well?

We can bring engineers as part of our team through close partnerships with development houses we've worked closely with in the past. We have access to all kinds of engineers (front-end, back-end, systems administrators, architects, quality assurance engineers, native app developers etc.). We can also manage them and their contracts if needed so you don't have to "deal with" multiple parties.

What are your commercial arrangements like?

We typically work in two ways on the services side: 1) on a project-basis with a clear set of outcomes and timelines; 2) or on monthly retainers tied to longer term outcomes.

For longer term projects, we also work in "skin in the game" arrangements where we defer a percentage of our costs on a monthly basis until we achieve a milestone at a later date. Examples of milestones could be: the next round of fundraising, a KPI or another outcome we mutually agree to.

If we don't achieve the milestone, we don't get any of the deferred amounts. If we achieve the milestone, we have typically received a multiple of the deferred amount in cash, equity or both.

We like these projects as they align our incentives with yours. We win when you do.

How much do you cost?

It's hard to give an exact price without knowing what you need. We also have "skin-in-the-game" pricing arrangements which we like over regular billable hours as it motivates us to win together with you. The best thing would be to contact us below and we can quickly give you a high level estimate.

Friendly note: if you are looking for the cheapest solution, or an agency, we're may not be the right match for you. Our teams are highly skilled and experienced startup founders and operators. We roll up our sleeves and do all we can to get teams to where they need to go.

“This is the <span class="highlight">best product and growth</span> team I’ve met”

David Gowdey

David Gowdey

Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures

Get to product-market fit

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What happens next:

Jump on a call to learn about what you need  

Short engagement to validate areas of focus and ways of working

Define what a longer term project looks like for your outcomes

Product-market fit to us means ...

Your product is retaining customers, and you have identified a sustainable distribution channel that meets your business goals.