Our culture is different. Everything else follows.

No matter how you interact with E8, you'll feel our culture. It starts with three beliefs.

People first

Teams of self-aware, empowered people can achieve anything.

Growth is change

To get to excellent outcomes, question everything. Disagree, discuss, debate. Try, fail, improve.

Empathy matters

Self-awareness isn’t enough. To build great teams and great products, deeply understand other people.


The values we live by

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to this set of values.

Considerate of people

Sharing work transparently

Valuing diversity for all its benefits

Better than yesterday

Excellent but fast

Supporting each other's growth

Asking the questions that count


E8's office pet

Where did these values come from? We didn't steal them, and our founders didn't make them up.

The whole team came together for a day to share examples and stories of what made Electric8 special. We discussed, debated, and iterated to get to the values we have today.


How we treat people

People who work at Electric8

Our roles are shaped to people, not vice versa. We design benefits and other policies to support wellness, fulfillment, and personal growth.

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Teams Electric8 works with

We will:

  • Challenge your views, to deepen our understanding and yours
  • Act like owners, not vendors
  • Work with you, not for you
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Some real examples

Most companies limit days off and enforce minimum working hours. We do the opposite. See our policy on working hours.

While we love seeing each other in person, our location policy is "work anywhere you can do great work". Day-to-day, that means our offices, homes, coworking spaces. Or anywhere else with some timezone overlap.

To build self-awareness, we provide LUXX and Clifton Strengths assessments for every Electric8 member. To recognise diversity and build empathy, we encourage sharing and discussing the results openly with each other.

To grow as a team and as individuals, we regularly give each other empathetic but honest feedback. Across all levels of seniority.

And so much more that we're building to inculcate our beliefs
into all that we do, say, and live.

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