Drove retention for SEA's fastest growing accommodation platform



Drove retention for SEA's fastest growing accommodation platform




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The challenge

  • Build a sustainable business through healthy customer retention and positive unit economics.

How E8 helped

  • Coached and worked alongside the RedDoorz team to cultivate a growth mindset towards driving business growth and positive unit economics.


2x increase

in monthly bookings over 6 months with the same marketing budget

Positive unit economics

following our strategy recommendations and its sucessful implementation

The Electric8 team fundamentally changed the way we see our business and how it all comes together. This view translated to all of our teams and how we operate.

Amit Saberwal

Amit Saberwal

Co-founder and CEO, RedDoorz

How we did it

Aligned business and user objectives behind a key metric

  • Defined contributions per booking as the North Star Metric.
  • Dissected this key metric into its outputs by creating a growth model that brought together acquisition, user funnels, business lines and margins, retention cohorts and costs.

Created a new channel strategy

  • Used insights from the growth model to put in place a new channel strategy that focused on channels with highest ceiling of growth at costs that would allow for positive unit economics.

Created a UX research process

  • Reviewed their UX to uncover highest conversion drop off points and demonstrate areas of improvement.
  • Helped the team focus better on user needs defining UX research processes and personas.

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