Redefined the digital strategy for Southeast Asia's largest food broadcaster

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Asian Food Network

Redefined the digital strategy for Southeast Asia's largest food broadcaster




Go to Market

The challenge

  • Figure out who is the digital audience, their needs/wants, and how it translates into a new habit-forming digital experience.

How E8 helped

  • Defined a new digital strategy, value proposition and built a data analytics dashboard.


2.5x increase

in dwell time on new website

2x increase

in digital ad revenue following launch of new website

The Electric8 team helped us through a very important digital transformation - they introduced and instilled a very critical and important digital way of thinking, working and behaving.

Leena Singarajah

Leena Singarajah

Former MD, Scripps Networks Asia

How we did it

Aligned team on key business objectives and clear quantifiable KPIs

  • Defined digital ad revenue and contribution as the North Star metric.
  • Dissected this key metric into its inputs by creating a growth model that brought together acquisition, user funnels and costs of goods sold.
  • Assigned clear tasks and responsibilities across teams with quantifiable KPIs.

Built and executed a test-and-learn plan to drive sustainable growth

  • Used insights from the growth model to prioritise test-and-learn experiments that focus on driving user growth and engagement with the site’s content.
  • Identified successful marketing tactics including landing pages and ad content for Facebook, Google Adwords and Email Marketing, resulting in 68% drop in bounce rate, 60% decrease in cost per session and doubled digital ad revenue.

Coached the team into a test-and-learn process

  • Ran weekly team rituals such as Kanban meetings to allow for team collaboration.
  • Set up and coached test-and-learn artefacts such as experiment doc, growth sprints, etc.

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