B2B Saas Company


B2B Saas Company

Analysing platform data and power users use cases, testing new end-to-end acquisition flows and teaching the guiding principles of experimentation to the team


Finding the company's unique value proposition

A detailed power users analysis and top use cases to let us better understand the value for the customers.

Improving the user's first journey

Optimising the full end-to-end acquisition flow to make it easier for the users to understand what the platform can help them with.

Creating a test-and-learn culture

Coaching the guiding principles of experimentation to the teams involved and creating a culture of cross-team contamination.


increase of trial to paid rate


in-depth power users analysis


new optimized onboarding flow

How we did it

E8 involvement

Found a unique value proposition


Found a unique value proposition

  • Analysed different cohorts to understand which users are the best in the long term and which features were correlated with user retention

  • Took a detailed look at the top 20% users on the platform to gather more information about their demographic and behaviour

Optimized users' first journey


Optimized users' first journey

  • Tested different channels to get in front of the ideal customers and revamped the end-to-end acquisition strategy

  • Analysed leading moments that drive the users to long term retention, to have a clear picture of what to highlight and drive users to, during the onboarding flow

  • Re-designed the entire onboarding flow so that users can better understand how to use the platform and extract value out of it sooner

Created a test-and-learn culture


Created a test-and-learn culture

  • Involved all the relevant teams in the planning activities to enable greater collaboration across different departments, especially growth, development, product, and sales

  • Recurrent catch-ups with the team to share ideas, progresses, successes and lessons learned

  • Sharing sessions and structured documentation of all the experiments we ran, to create a culture where learning is highly valued