Built market differentiation through habit-forming user journeys & product concepts

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Built market differentiation through habit-forming user journeys & product concepts

B2B grocery delivery



The challenge

  • Figure out ways to differentiate against competitors in the market.
  • How to translate that differentiation into the user experience on the product.

How E8 helped

  • Ran research and conducted behavioural analysis.
  • Used the insights from research and data to drive the design of UX improvements and new product concepts.
  • Defined and prepared a validation plan that's ready to go.


3 user segments identified

from in-depth segmentation analyses

6 concepts & validation plan defined

and ready to be tested in market

“The E8 team helped us quickly structure thinking around re-ordering that is now built into our roadmap. They integrated easily within our teams, and <span class="highlight">their flexibility to bring in different skills and tools</span> at different stages of the project was a big unlock.”

Andrzej Ogonowski

Andrzej Ogonowski

Co-founder & Head of Platform (GrowSari)

How we did it

Conducted segmentation analyses

  • Used the k-means algorithm, which pulled together customer behaviour, product, and order level data.
  • Conducted the following analyses to inform our next steps: product funnel analyses, frequency analyses, basic retention curves, habit moment correlations, product combination analyses and value based clustering analyses.
  • At the end of our analysis, we defined each of the key moments (i.e. signup, setup, aha, and habit moments) that contributed to the product's long-term retention, and used that as anchors to guide our thinking forward.

Ran ideation sprints based on the data gathered

  • Led virtual brainstorming sessions to explore new ideas and concepts.
  • After prioritisation all the ideas, we had 6 promising concepts.

Turned ideas into product strategy and habit-forming UX that's ready to be tested in market

  • Used concept cards to further define each concept.
  • Designed lo-fidelity wireframes to visualise these concepts.
  • Defined a validation plan to test each concepts in market.

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